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It’s probably happened to you: you’re out at a party with a few of your friends, and all of a sudden, you’re comparing podcast subscriptions. (No? Just us? Okay.) We’ve shared and critiqued each other’s podcast-listening choices plenty of times in the office, so we figured it was about time to extend that courtesy to you. Read on to find out what some of our favorite podcasts are and why we love them so much.


Brought to you by our very own Andrew Harrison and Michael Liberatore, Cartridge is the only podcast about video games you’ll ever need (okay, we’re biased).

Why we love it: It’s about video games! And we like video games!

99% Invisible

If you’re someone who loves to notice all the tiny details that go unnoticed, this podcast is for you. Roman Mars’ voice + really in-depth narrative storytelling about design and architecture = magic.

Why we love it: It keeps us looking up and paying attention to the details.


Hosted by CGP Grey and Myke Hurley, Cortex is what happens when two nerds who know they should probably get back to work decide instead to spend two hours talking about time-tracking and old business books. And we *love *it.

Why we love it: Productivity porn. Enough said.

Do By Friday

Do By Friday is a podcast where our pals (and yours) Merlin Mann, Alex Cox, and Max Temkin challenge themselves and their friends every week. Challenges have ranged from “Solve a mystery,” to “Make bacon,” to “Wash your hands.” Hilarity and politics ensue.

Why we love it: It is almost impossible to get through an episode without laughing.


Jenn and Trin are here to solve all of the weird, icky friendship problems that we don’t know how to deal with. They give real (but not harsh!) advice for friendship-related questions sent in by listeners — and they do it beautifully.

Why we love it: It manages to make dealing with even the trickiest friendship troubles fun.

Swift Over Coffee

What’s not to like about two guys having a friendly chat about Swift? Paul Hudson and Sean Allen cover all kinds of Swift news on this podcast, as well as topics suggested by the iOS community via open ballot.

Why we love it: It’s about a topic very close to our hearts, and we genuinely appreciate Paul and Sean’s work in the Swift community.

How I Built This with Guy Raz

How I Built This is the ultimate *inspiration *podcast. Hosted by Guy Raz, this podcast about all kinds of innovators — basically, it’s about people who are doing cool things and how they’re making it happen. If you have an interest in building things, this podcast is the motivation you need to follow through.

Why we love it: We love learning about how others have found success and the journeys that led them to it.

Watch Out for Fireballs!

Watch Out for Fireballs! is a game club (think book club, but for video games) podcast on which Gary Butterfield and Kole Ross discuss a single game at length in each episode.

Why we love it: After covering generalities, mechanics, and impressions, the hosts talk about each and every area or level of the game chronologically, making it a joy to play along while listening.

Bonfireside Chat

In Bonfireside Chat, Gary and Kole of Watch Out for Fireballs! dive even deeper into games like Dark Souls (one of our favorites) with entire seasons devoted to specific games.

Why we love it: It’s everything we love about Watch Out for Fireballs, but way more in-depth. Both shows are evergreen.

Call Your Girlfriend

Everyone has long-distance besties, but not everyone is cool enough to make a podcast with them. Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow call each other every week to talk about politics, pop culture, and how they do what they do.

Why we love it: This duo is smart, inspiring, and just a delight to listen to.

Honorable mentions

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