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We’re Lickability — people who make apps people love.

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What we do best

From idea to launch, we’ll bring your vision to life across multiple platforms and scale it to millions of people.


  • Project scope
  • User research
  • Architecture
  • Prototypes


  • Product management
  • Code review
  • Accessibility & inclusion
  • Privacy & security


  • User interface
  • User experience
  • Visual identity
  • Design systems


  • iOS, macOS & visionOS
  • Android
  • Web apps & backends
  • Custom APIs

We stick to our values.

  • Quality

    We are unwavering in our commitment to delivering impeccably crafted, human-centered applications that exceed the highest industry standards.

  • Collaboration

    Collaboration is at the heart of Lickability's creative process. We believe in the power of people with diverse perspectives coming together to tackle challenges and elevate our work.

  • Balance

    We prioritize a supportive, inclusive work environment that fosters both personal and professional growth. By cultivating a sense of balance, we empower our team to thrive — because happy people build great products.

  • Learning

    Our team thrives on a culture of continuous improvement. We embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, encouraging them to explore emerging trends, adopt new technologies, and expand our skills.

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