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Monetizing your app with Superwall

We can be your paywall pals

You may already know us as a RevenueCat partner — now, we’re adding a new partnership with Superwall to the mix so we can do even more to help our clients monetize their apps.

👋 Meet Superwall

It is a truth universally acknowledged that if you want to monetize your app, you’re going to need a paywall. That’s where Superwall comes in: using one of their many templates, you can build and deploy beautiful paywalls easier than ever before. Once the Superwall SDK is set up in your app, all it takes is a few clicks on their dashboard to customize your paywalls with their drag and drop editor — no app updates required.

As an added bonus, they’ll use their expertise to help you craft your first unique paywall for free:

Superwall has built hundreds of paywalls for clients and has a unique vantage point on the industry. As a token of gratitude for signing up, we create a paywall for each customer, using best practices we’ve picked up along the way.

— via the Superwall documentation

🐱 What about RevenueCat?

Good news: Superwall & RevenueCat play well together, so you can use them both to manage your in-app subscriptions with no problems. (Psst, did we mention we’re also a certified Premier Partner of RevenueCat?)

🏁 Getting started

If you’re an indie developer looking to add a paywall to your iOS app, we highly recommend checking out Superwall’s three-step guide to getting up and running. For design inspiration, it’s definitely worth browsing the hundreds of examples they’ve collected in this paywall gallery.

If you need a little more help setting up the perfect paywall using Superwall’s best practices, we’re just a click away! As Superwall partners, we’d love to work with you to make it as easy as possible to monetize your app.