What’s New

New Year, New Site

The brand-new Lickability.com

Two years ago, we launched a simple, single-page website to establish our brand as a consulting and product studio. The new site is completely redesigned and revamped. Two years ago, we launched a simple, single-page website to establish our brand as a consulting and product studio. Since then, we have grown as a team from just one to seven full-time people, worked with a number of incredible clients, and continued evolving our own products. Our company has lots to be proud of, and our old site just didn’t reflect that — it was time for something new. Say hello to the revamped lickability.com 👋.

A screenshot of the brand-new Lickability.com. The brand-new Lickability.com

How We Built It

In June, we put out a call for web designers and developers who could help with the site. After initial calls and meetings with lots of talented folks, we settled down to start working with the Pickaxe team in September, along with copywriter Annie Maguire and photographer Jorge Quinteros. Together, we built a site that is hosted on GitHub Pages, statically compiled with Jekyll, and can be easily developed locally from within a Docker container. A few months later, we are ready (and excited!) to share the finished product with you.

What’s New

Before and after screenshots of our website on mobile devices. Before and After

Our goal for the new website was to have a home for people to learn about who we are and what we do, see the products we’ve worked on, and easily get in touch with us. We wanted the site to showcase our projects and our team with the same care and close attention to detail that we put into our work.

Lickability.com has new pages to highlight the work we’ve done for our clients as well as our own creations, like Accelerator and PinpointKit. It also has information for people interested in working with us in any capacity, from details about Lickability’s background and services to our Jobs page. Plus, our new Contact page makes it easier than ever to get in touch with us.

What’s Next

We hope the site will give us the platform to expand our offerings as our company continues to grow over the coming months and years. We’ve even got an infrequent newsletter that will keep you updated when we launch some of the new ideas we’re working on.

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to check out the site for yourself and get to know Lickability a little better. If you like what you see or have any feedback for us, we’re only an email or a tweet away.

Huge thanks to the team at Pickaxe, Annie Maguire, and Jorge Quinteros for helping us build the website of our dreams. 🙌