Apps we’ve made great

If you shop for deals, read the news, or go to meetups, you’ve probably used an app we built.

The Atlantic

We developed a brand new version of The Atlantic app using the latest technologies, using Swift 5 with iOS 13 APIs. The app is built with stack views, compositional layouts, diffable data sources and supports Dynamic Type, Dark Mode, and more. The latest release has a curated daily digest on the Today tab, a refreshed design, and a major focus on accessibility.

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Lickability restructured the entire architecture of the client’s iOS app, using Swift technologies to rewrite everything in a sustainable and scalable way. We also researched React Native as a new option for building server-driven screens in the app.


Meetup 6.0 is a ground-up redesign and rewrite. The new app makes it much easier to find, join, and even start your own Meetups right from your phone. The design takes cues from Meetup’s complete rebranding, Apple’s iOS 10, and the feedback from hundreds of beta testers over the past few months.

From group chat to double dates

We’ve worked on all kinds of apps (and we’d love to work on yours next 😉).

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