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The best way to build exceptional apps is to build some of your own. Check out some of our creations below.



Buildwatch is a new Mac app that helps developers track, graph, and analyze their Xcode compile times.

“After years of building apps in Xcode, we wanted a tool that would show us just how long those builds take. It didn’t exist, so we did what we do best: built our own.”
– Brian Capps, Lickability Partner

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Speed read articles or finish your reading list in record time. If you’ve always wanted superhuman reading powers, you’ll love Accelerator.

“I’m blown away.”
“Just got Accelerator, a speed reading app that has blown me away. Wish I had this in school.”
– Kristianronne1

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Add arrows, boxes, or text to any screenshot. Pinpoint is perfect for highlighting something specific, blurring out names, sharing your thoughts, and more.

“The app I’ve been looking for.”
“I have tried every photo annotation app available and have never found what I was looking for. Pinpoint is it. It’s fast, easy, simple, and intuitive.”
– JGoke

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With PinpointKit, users can mark up their screenshots and send them directly to your email or bug tracker. This makes sharing feedback, reporting bugs, and requesting features quick and easy.

“My stakeholders think shaking to generate a bug report is completely magical, and it helps increase the fidelity of communicating progress on a complex app.”
– Ben Scheirman, Creator of NSScreencast

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Practice makes perfect

We dedicate every Friday to perfecting our current apps, releasing new ones, learning new technologies, and improving the way we work with clients.

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