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Welcome to Club Mobile

Our new weekly audio show

We’re huge fans of the audio medium at Lickability. Lots of folks at the company listen to podcasts during work and in their free time as a way to relax, learn, and laugh without the additional stress of screens. And we’ve long pondered the idea of introducing a podcast of our own to talk about our thoughts on the design and development of great apps, but something was always missing: you!

At the end of February, we launched an experimental audio show on Clubhouse, a rapidly growing audio social network and an app we’ve been lucky enough to work on a bit. Clubhouse is designed as a space for casual, drop-in audio conversations—with friends and other interesting people around the world. From even that first episode, the thing that immediately struck us was how fun it was to interact live with our audience, answer questions, and share our favorite tips and tricks with folks listening. Now it’s become a fixture of our week. Every Friday at 4 PM ET, we put on our AirPods and talk about the topics that are top of mind.

So far we’ve recommended apps as software sommeliers, discussed localization best practices, chatted about how to hire great engineers, and surveyed the landscape of continuous integration services. In every single one of these live conversations, we’ve invited folks in the community to share the stage with us where you’ve taught us new things and helped us cover the topics in even more depth. And since all of these conversations are live and ephemeral, we can be totally honest about our feelings on certain technologies or problems without worrying about making sure they’re updated as the industry changes.

Our Clubhouse show has gone from an experiment to a great new way to connect with folks who are interested in working with us or working for us, and we’re excited to continue hosting great conversations with our community, so we’ve given it a permanent home as a Clubhouse club. It’s called Club Mobile, and over 300 designers, developers, founders, and students from all over the world have become members and followers, to be notified each week when we go live.

This Friday, our engineers will be discussing the ins-and-outs of different iOS layout technologies, but we’re always thinking up new ideas for new topics to discuss. If you have anything you’d like to hear about or need an invite to Clubhouse, send us a message on Twitter at @lickability and it may just turn into a live show sometime down the road. Welcome to the club! ✌️

Jan 31, 2022: As of this update, Club Mobile is on an indefinite hiatus. We loved doing it and hope we can bring it back, but at the moment, it just doesn’t fit into our schedules.