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Our Favorite Apps of 2019

New apps we loved this year

We haven’t shared our favorite apps with you in a while, so as we begin the new year, this feels like a good time to give a shout-out to a few of our recent favorites from 2019. Some of these apps were new to the App Store last year, and some were just new to us, but all of them are fantastic.

Flighty app icon

✈️ Flighty

Friend of Lickability Ryan Jones and his team released Flighty this year, and it is hands down one of the best apps for frequent fliers. The best push notifications in the business, delay forecasting, and a design that feels pro and fits perfectly on iOS. If you fly more than a few times of year, get Flighty. You can thank me when you get to your destination.

– Matt Bischoff

Apollo app icon

🤖 Apollo for Reddit

Apollo is my most used app and my go-to when I want to get info on breaking news, keep tabs on the communities I care about, or just browse some dank memes. I really enjoy the user experience and it is my preferred way to view and interact with reddit content. The developer Christian frequently interacts with the community and is constantly releasing updates and new features. I started with Apollo Pro and upgraded to Apollo Ultra this year to unlock some cool features and support the ongoing development.

– Tom DeVuono

We Read Too app icon

📖 We Read Too

My wife and I regularly use We Read Too to find new books for my son to read, and it helps a lot with discovery. Plus, it’s written by Kaya Thomas, who is also awesome!

– Marc Aupont

Card of Darkness app icon

🃏 Card of Darkness

Card of Darkness launched with Apple Arcade, and despite the deluge of quality iOS games hitting the service simultaneously, I couldn’t shift my focus away from finishing every last level. The rules and mechanics are simple enough to pick up right away, but become difficult enough to stay interesting throughout. And the art. THE ART. Pendleton Ward’s involvement had me hooked from the very beginning.

– Michael Liberatore

Sayonara Wild Hearts app icon

🎵 Sayonara Wild Hearts

Sayonara Wild Hearts, available via Apple Arcade, is a music album and a rhythm video game in one. I really enjoy the music, and I love rhythm games, so it’s perfect for me. Plus, it’s very queer and the art style is pleasing to me.

– Michael Amundsen

Youper app icon

🧠 Youper

2019 was the year I got really into mood tracking, both as a way to journal and to check in on my mental health on a regular basis. Youper has made a big difference in the way I recognize and process my emotions, and it’s become an essential part of my daily routine. Every day, I tell the app how I’m feeling and what external factors are contributing to my mood, and it helps me walk through why I might be feeling the way I’m feeling.

– Jillian Meehan